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30.08.2013 10:40

During 4 years Azerigas laid about 22,000 km of new gas pipelines

During 7 months, 2012 Azerigas, gas distribution company of SOCAR, has laid 5667.7 km of new gas pipelines, reads SOCARs web site.
During this period 953.7 km of pipelines have been repaired.
From 2009 to 2013 Azerigas has laid 21,825.4 km of new gas pipeline, reported SOCAR. Of which 20,634.6 km were built in the regions and 1,008.1 km in Baku. 182.7 km of main gas pipelines have been also built.
During this period 6,007 km of gas pipelines have been repaired, reported SOCAR press office. However, the company did not provide information about financial costs for construction of new gas pipelines and repair of the old ones. On June 24, 2012 Azerigas summarized results of the tender and in July 2012 it signed a contract with the local company Global Services LLC to the amount of 1,071,063,000 AZN.
According to the same source, since signing of the contract till the end of 2013 it is planned to lay 1877 km of pipes with the diameter between 32 and 530 mm, 19,377 km with the diameter between 25 and 400 mm and install 463,514 gas meters (48,145 pre-payment card meters and 415,369 mechanical meters) and lay 20,896 km of pipes with the diameter between 20 and 25 mm. The contract also envisages installation of 439,189 private gas regulators, 1,162 gas regulating boxes and new regulating and measuring equipment at 80 gas distribution stations.
Azerigas became a part of SOCAR according to the presidential decree issued on July 1, 2009. Before that the gas company operated as a closed-type joint stock company.

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