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05.12.2016 12:43

SOCAR raises oil product export by 5.7% for November

The Marketing & Economic Operations Department of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) increased export of petroleum products by 5.7% in November against October.

SOCAR informs that overall export of Azeri oil products totaled 107,151 tons in November against 101,413 tons in October, 106,316 tons in September, 38.929 tons in August, 48.532 tons in July, 62.260 tons in June and 173.226 tons in May. At that, the Department exported 85,855 tons of petroleum products (versus 90,353 tons in October, 100,143 tons in September, 24.819 tons in August, 31.555 tons in July, 48.973 tons in June and 149.556 tons in May) and 21,296 tons of chemical products (against 11,060 tons in October, 6,173 tons in September, 14.110 tons in August, 16.997 tons in July, 13.287 tons in June and 23.670 tons in May).

Over Jan-Nov oil products export reached 1.05 bn tons, including 852,622 tons of petroleum products and 199,949 tons of chemical products, SOCAR reported.

In November the MEOD exported 83,012 tons of diesel fuel, 2,843 tons of jet fuel, 8,104 tons of high-pressure polyethylene, and 6,190 tons of pyrolysis resin, 3,402 tons of propylene, 3,600 tons of butylene and butadiene fractures.

Over the past 11 months the MEOD exported 676,171 tons of diesel fuel, 174,035 tons of jet fuel, 2,416 tons of reduced fuel oil, 76,726 tons of high-pressure polyethylene, 9,326 tons of isopropyl alcohol, 57,577 tons of pyrolysis resin, 37,554 tons of propylene and 18,766 tons of butylene and butadiene fractures.

In 2015 the oil product export reached its peak in March (150,723 tons) and minimum in June (11,222 tons). As a whole, the oil product export reached 1.226 million tons for the past year.

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