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02.08.2016 12:14

Azerbaijani, Russian, Iranian presidents meeting to be platform for energy cooperation development

A meeting of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, to be held in Baku on August 8, will be a good platform to give a great impetus to the development of cooperation among the countries in the energy sector, said the article of Natig Aliyev, Azerbaijani energy minister, published in the countrys official press July 28.

The minister stressed that Azerbaijan is being turned into an energy cooperation center.

"The meeting of the presidents of the three countries will be held in Baku amid the processes rapidly occurring in the world politics and their impact on the geopolitical map of the region, the article said. Azerbaijan will be again at the center of world's attention in the difficult period of the formation of a new world order, by hosting such an important meeting in a trilateral format."

According to the article, holding of the meeting, which accounted for Irans post-sanction period, in Azerbaijan, having an image of a reliable partner as a major participant in global energy and communication projects, will give an impetus to the formation of new partnership relations in the world.

The new relations, established among three countries after lifting of sanctions imposed on Iran, primarily contribute to good prospects for cooperation in the energy sector, the minister said.

"The August meeting can be a platform that will give an impetus to the development of energy cooperation through the coordination of the interests of Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia, carrying out the independent energy policy in the region, the article said.

Among the projects which are being jointly implemented by the three countries, a project of uniting the electric power systems of Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia and a project of constructing the corridors for the transportation of gas from Russia and other Caspian-littoral countries are significant, the minister said.

The implementation of these projects can be accelerated at the meeting in Baku due to the strong position of the countries leaders, the minister said.

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