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03.06.2016 16:36

Caspian Oil&Gas open up new doors

Saliha Dundar

Country Manager TPAO, TPOC, TPBTC Azerbaijan Representative Office

We have been participating to Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition & Conference since 1995. It has been 22 years. TP has been taking place in Azerbaijan since 1994, which is the signature of contract of the century. TP has a share in ACG oil, SD natural gas production, BTC oil and SCP natural gas transportation pipeline, SDII full field development stage, SCP Expansion (SCPX) natural gas pipeline construction projects, construction of jackets and topsides of platforms in ATA yard projects together with other multinational company partners. TP has the second biggest shareholder in Shah Deniz and SCP natural gas production and transportation projects. TP has good relation with SOCAR, partners, the operator to the projects and Azerbaijan`s Official departments. The purpose of our companies participation to Caspian Oil & Gas 2016; TP is dealing with oil and gas exploration development production projects and may take place in multinational companies partnerships anywhere in the world. Turkey has good historical, cultural, economic and trade relations with Azerbaijan. This big event is related with Caspian Oil and Natural Gas and TP is the one of the biggest investor to the sector in Azerbaijan so TPs participation to this event is required according to my idea.

Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition & Conference has been a platform for 22 years bringing together Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, CEOs, senior executives and thousands of delegates. We attach great importance to the event to ensure successful partnerships and productive cooperation with other companies. TP is seeking new opportunities to operate in many hydrocarbon-rich countries and Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition & Conference helps us herein keep moving forward, broaden our business horizons and open up new doors.

This Exhibition is the occasion to strengthen friendship and cooperation between our countries and will continue to emphasize our belief, that is I want to come back once again.

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