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30.09.2015 12:22

In August export price of Azeri gas shows high efficiency

Over Jan-Aug of 2015 gas export in Azerbaijan (acc. to the data from control-measuring devices) grew by 1.7% year-on-year.

The State Customs Committee (SCC) informs that according to control-measuring devices for Jan-Aug 2015 the countrys gas export totaled 5.38 bn cu m versus 5.475 bn cu m for Jan-Aug 2014.

In January 2015 gas export totaled 844.1 million cu m, in February 817.187 million cu m, in March 816.556 million cu m, in April 715.686 million cu m, in May 699.8 million cu m, in June 704.7 million cu m, in July 1.258 bn cu m (the best index for 2015), and in August 154.476 million cu m.

In December 2014 export totaled 1.24 bn cu m (the best month level in 2014).

According to cargo customs entries, it was registered 992.17 million cu m for $159.535 million for Jan-Aug 2015 versus 1.3 bn cu m for $225.2 million for Jan-Aug 2014. As a result, physical export of gas fell by 25.1% and income from it by 29.2%. In January export totaled 238.4 million cu m for $31.6 million, in February 42.816 million cu m for $1.977 million, in March 249.356 million cu m for $42.215 million, in April 186.524 million cu m for $31.639, in May 121.245 million cu m for $20.3 million, in June 100.367 million cu m for $16.538 million, in July 1.046 bn cu m for $381,000, and in August 85.198 million cu m for $15.27 million.

The export price in 2015 reached high efficiency of $160.79 per 1,000 cu m.

In January it reached $161.77, in February fell to $46.17, in March grew up to $169.3, in April $169.63, in May $167.6, in June $164.77, in July $364.33, and in August $179.2.

As a result, in February it was 2.1-fold less than the internal gas price of 100 manat or $95.26, while between March and July exceeded it.

For Jan-Aug 2015 the gas share in the overall export reached 1.95% versus 1.396% in 2014, 2.93% in 2013, 2.71% in 2012 and 2.61% in 2011.

Over Jan-Aug 2015 Azerbaijan exported 1.348 million tons of gas condensate via BTC pipeline against 1.465 million tons for Jan-Aug 2014.

In January it was exported 186,731 tons of condensate, in February 172,737 tons, in March 183,538 tons and in April 176,941 tons, in May 187,451 tons, in June 196,220 tons, in July 199,868 tons, and in August 46,259 tons.

In general, last year the countrys gas export totaled 8.565 bn cu m versus 7.29 bn in 2013.In 2014, according to cargo customs entries, 1.825 bn cu m was registered for $304.684 million, including 294.808 million cu m for $47.620 million in December (the best index for 2014), against 3.035 bn cu m for $701.98 million for 2013. Last January (289.8 million cu m for $61.4 million) the best export income was recorded.

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