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29.09.2015 12:19

European Commission holds public consultations on new projects of common interest in oil & gas sector

The European Commission (EC) is conducting public consultations on new Projects of Common Interest (PCI) in the field of oil, gas and electricity.

The EC website informs that that consultations will finish on 22 October and before the end of the year the EC will make its decision on new projects.

Project AGRI LNG (Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania-Hungary-Interconnector) claims to get in the PCI list.

In June 2015 the energy ministers of the AGRI participating countries agreed to promote it jointly to the European Commission for inclusion in the final PCI list within the framework of the European Strategic Investment Fund.

The AGRI participants expressed confidence that the project can become part of the EU General Plan on the establishment of LNG terminals on the axis of the rivers Rhine-Main-Danube, as it relates to creation of one of such terminals in Constanta.

The objective of this consultation is to seek your views on the need for a gas, electricity or oil project from an EU energy policy perspective bringing together security of supply, market integration, competition and sustainability.

The Energy Union Communication commits us to developing a comprehensive LNG and storage strategy that will explore the full potential of LNG and gas storage in the mid- to long-term, and to identifying how LNG and gas storage can enhance security and competitiveness of supply in the EU, in particular through diversification of sources, in normal and crisis situations alike, EK website says.

The PCI list has included a range of studies within project TANAP (Trans Anatolian Pipeline) on Caspian gas transit through Turkey.

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