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06.07.2015 11:43

Gasprom ready to satisfy Azerbaijans need in gas import, says Aleksei Miller

Russian Gasprom is ready to satisfy Azerbaijan’s need in gas import, Gasprom President Aleksei Miller said at the working meeting with Rovnag Abdullayev, President of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), during the International Economic Forum in Saint Petersburg on June 19, reported TACC.
The participants of the meeting have discussed the issues related to further development of the energy cooperation.
“As local gas consumption gas increased and Azerbaijan’s economy has grown, Gasprom is ready to satisfy the republic’s need in gas import,” Miller added.
On October 14, 2009 Gasprom signed the contract with SOCAR to buy Azerbaijani gas (with the possibility of prolongation). The contract allows suspending and resuming gas supplies at any time.
A source in SOCAR said the agency Turan, Azerbaijan has no plans to import gas from Russia.
Since January 1, 2010 Azerbaijan has been exporting gas to Russia or Daghestan Republic, he said.
During this period maximum annual volume of gas export totaled almost 2 billion cub.m. In 2013 Azerbaijan exported 1.35 billion cub.m. of gas to Russia and last year – 0.21 billion cub.m.
As reliable sourced told Turan, during the working meeting between the administrations of SOCAR and Gasprom at the International Economic Forum in Saint Petersburg the sides have also discussed resumption of Azerbaijani gas supplies to Dagestan. Azerbaijan emphasized the objective reasons of why gas export to the north has not been resumed.
Gasprom’s representatives said that they are ready to help Azerbaijan any time, if there is such a need.
“However, the Russian side has released this information in a way more suitable for it,” said the same source.

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