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15.08.2014 18:30

SOCAR drastically increased export of petroleum products

According to the statistics on export of petroleum products of the Marketing & Economic Operations Department of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), in July the Department increased export of petroleum products 1.8-fold compared to the figures of June 2014 when the export was increased 1.9-fold.

According to the SOCAR, overall export of Azeri oil products totaled 280,705 tons in July (the best level for 2014) versus 152,166 tons in June, 76,708 tons in May, 21,983 tons in April (the worst monthly index), 90,383 tons in March, 134,087 tons in February and 88,263 tons in January 2014.

This July the export of oil products included 128 tons of petrol, 150,593 tons of diesel fuel, 24,190 tons of jet fuel and 105,794 tons of vacuum gasoil.

In 2014 export of oil products makes up so far 844,304 tons, including 686 tons of petrol, 528,229 tons of diesel fuel, 99,782 tons of jet fuel, 215,429 tons of gasoil and 178 tons of fuel oil, SOCAR reported.

In 2013 export of oil products amounted to 1.046 million tons, including 14,250 tons of motor fuel, 899,905 of diesel fuel, 131,322 tons of jet fuel, and 657 tons of furnace fuel. The export peak accounted for April (113,405 tons).

Over 2012 export totaled 1.2 million tons, including 113,027 tons of vacuum gas oil, 921,570 tons of diesel fuel, 60,142 tons of motor petrol, 145,980 tons of jet fuel, and 3,023 tons of black oil. The best export index was recorded in December 138,144 tons.

In 2011 export reached 1.448 million tons (including 104,269 tons in December) and in 2010 1.846 million tons.

In 2009 overall export of petroleum products made up 1.968 million tons versus 2.58 million tons over 2008.

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