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Caspian Oil & Gas Conference is one of the most significant international oil and gas events where the very topical issues of bi-lateral and multi-lateral energy relations and global energy security are discussed. This conference is appraised as a peculiar institute for the oil and gas industry by the leading specialists of this sphere. The event has become the traditional meeting place for the specialists of the oil and gas industry worldwide, serving as a striking example of industry achievements and of the amount of interest taken in projects implemented in the Caspian region. Participation in the conference enables the evaluation of both new trends in the oil and gas market and potential opportunities in the region, including issues of co-operation, the prospects for the solution of global energy security issues and large investment projects.

Why the Caspian region and Caspian Oil & Gas Conference?


The Caspian region is one of the oldest hydrocarbon producing areas in the world. Azerbaijan has been linked with oil for centuries, even for millennia. By the 19th century Azerbaijan was by far the front-runner in the world's oil and gas industry. Azerbaijan drilled its first oil well in 1820, and by the beginning of the 20th century the republic was producing more than half of the world's supply of oil.

  • The proven oil resources of the Caspian region total 10 billion tonnes, 3 billion of which belong to the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea
  • The Caspian regions proven and recoverable natural gas reserves are about 7% of the worlds reserves. The proven gas reserves of Azerbaijan total 2.6 trillion cubic metres
  • Caspian regions distinctive role in contributing to the security of energy supplies to Europe and global energy security
  • Successful completion of the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli (ACG) and Shah Deniz (SD) projects and the operation of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) oil pipeline and the South Caucasus gas pipeline (SCP)
  • Azerbaijan has a unique geographical location between Europe and Asia, due to which it has a significant role in the transportation of Caspian energy resources to the international market
  • Creation in the country of the biggest in the region complex of oil and gas processing and petrochemicals
  • The only oil and gas event of its kind in the region
  • Full support from the Government of Azerbaijan
  • Large trade missions from different countries
  • More than 20 sponsors
  • More than 600 delegates
  • More than 50 industry related presentations


Ministry of Energy
of the Republic of Azerbaijan
State Oil Company
of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOCAR)

Who you will meet

  • High-ranking officials of different countries
  • Heads of state oil and gas authorities
  • Large exporters and importers of energy resources
  • Heads and leading specialists of international organisations and largest oil and gas companies
  • Scientific specialists and research fellows
  • Financial and industry analysts
  • International lawyers, specialist advisors and management consultants
  • others

Networking opportunities include:

  • Daily networking coffee breaks
  • Daily networking lunches
  • Evening gala receptions

Main Conference Topics

  • The development perspectives for Azerbaijan’s oil and gas industry
  • Increasing international cooperation in developing oil and gas projects and discovering     new fields
  • Identifying key operators’ plans in developing onshore and offshore oilfields
  • Ensuring economic feasibility for oil and gas projects, optimising and improving the efficiency of exploration, and implementing integrated operations
  • Rehabilitating mature oilfields and increasing the oil recovery factor
  • Advanced technologies of drilling and production
  • Diversifying of resources supply routes from the Caspian region
  • Ensuring environmental and industrial safety
  • The development perspectives for the refining and petrochemical industries in Azerbaijan
  • The current status of oil and gas projects and the importance of human resource training and development

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